Welcome to WeGotIn.Net where you will find copies of actual, accepted applications to Harvard, Yale, Penn, Cornell, Columbia and Brown. These applications contain the entire response to each question. They contain the college application essay as well as the answers to the often difficult short questions that are asked. They are NOT edited in any way (other than the removal of names, addresses, birth dates and social security numbers). Each of them was given to us directly by the student who submitted it, was accepted and is now a student at the college.

The Concept

There is no shortage of advisors, websites, books and services that will tell you what they think selective colleges want. WeGotIn.Net was founded because there is no source that will actually show you what the colleges in fact want. Our mission is to provide copies of the actual, accepted applications and allow you to see what the admissions committee is looking for instead of listening to someone else’s opinion, however well informed they may be, of what they think the committee is looking for. There are a lot of opinions as to what makes a good application – the only thing that really matters is what actually results in an acceptance letter.

As graduates of these schools, we believe that providing copies of these applications will provide a valuable resource, particularly to those students who may not have the advantage of a network of friends, family and advisors who were accepted to selective colleges.

The following are some comments in the press on WeGotIn.Net:

The Harvard Crimson – “costly insider information . . . gives certain students—i.e., the ones willing and able to pay thousands of dollars for private college counseling, test prep services, and other expensive tips—definite advantages over others. . . . [T]he recently developed and somewhat controversial website WeGotIn.net . . . does what it can to level the proverbial playing field in a small but significant way.”

Scholarships.com – “Want to get into an Ivy League? All you need is $19.99.
And I’d have to agree – $19.99 is a steal. Aren’t we all just a tad curious as to what those select few wrote to be granted access behind those coveted gates?”

The Huffington Post – “Thanks to a new website, high school seniors (or juniors — or sophomores or, in more and more cases, freshmen) can try to increase their chances of getting into a highly selective institution by reading the applications of admitted 2009-2010 students.”

The Chronicle of Higher Education – “fretting about Ivy League colleges is a fever, and people are always seeking a cure. A tip, a clue—anything that might help raise the odds of getting an acceptance letter—is always in demand. What [WeGotIn.Net] promises is a peek behind the complex curtain of holistic admissions reviews.”

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